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News from Harvard: it’s never too late to lose some pounds …


The great obsession of overweight continues tormenting us. It is in fact well known that excess weight increases the risk of a series of so called chronic degenerative diseases, like cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes.

You will probably say that you already heard all this, millions of times.

That’s right! But there are some news: an article from the HARVARD ALUMNI STUDY – the prospective study of Harvard University’s students (USA) - was published just a few days ago. The study gathered medical information about students in the period 1916-1950. That is from the period when my grandparents were that age to the period when some parents younger than mine were enrolled at university. The study is based on data on body weight, height and blood pressure, together with other information like smoking status, all measured when these young adults were on average 18 yrs old. Measurements were then repeated around mid-adulthood, at an average age of 46 yrs. Almost 19,000 male ex-students were part of the study, and over 2,000 of them have died of coronary heart disease.

Well:  those that were obese as students, had an almost doubled risk to die of some heart disease,  like a myocardial infarction. Those that were overweight had a 30% higher risk as compared to their friends with a regular weight.

The researchers went further: they wanted to find out if weight at an adult age modified the risk. And in fact they noticed that the risk was totally modified, so that weight at a young age was not anymore a significant risk.

What does it mean?   It means that it is never too late to lose some weight. Some people might think that, once you reach mid-adulthood, what is done is done. But this is not true: also those of us that were overweight as young adults, have still a chance to get in track and get fit again. Their heart will be grateful and will be happy to offer several additional years of active and healthy life.

A drawback of this study? Unfortunately data were collected only for male students, since in that period young girls were not admitted at Harvard, but they studied at the Radcliff College. Therefore, we cannot be certain that the same results apply also to us ladies, but it is very likely, since the mechanisms involved should work in the same way in both genders. And I am quite positive about this.


Body Weight in Early and Mid-Adulthood in Relation to Subsequent Coronary Heart Disease Mortality: 80-Year Follow-up in the Harvard Alumni Study.
Linsay Gray, I-Min Lee, Howard D. Sesso, and G. David Batty
Arch Intern Med. 2011;171(19):1768-1770.

Course Presentation - FOOD INTAKE and HEALTH - October 28, 2011


Stop talking, start acting....

A combined individual and group project, aimed at correcting wrong food habits. For people with weight problems or other health problems connected with nutrition, or for whoever wants to learn the rules of prevention , around the table. The program includes:

  • 4 individual sessions with the dietitian
  • 3 group meetings


October 28, 2011 - at 9:00 pm

The presentation is open to all, but the course is intended for the members of ChiantiMutua


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