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Diets and advice

Are you looking for advise to:

  • loose or gain weight
  • eat a healthy diet
  • provide healthier food for your family
  • become a vegetarian
  • prevent chronic-degenerative diseases
  • etc ...?

I can try to help you.

After a first appointment for nutrition assessment in an outpatient clinic, my assistance might continue by mail, telephone or skype, or, more traditionally, with further clinic appointments.

Don't forget to bring along:

  1. your family doctor's prescription, indicating the diagnosis
  2. your most recent blood test
  3. your food intake diary, completed for at least 7 consecutive days

scarica diario pdf scarica diario xls


  1. single advise online
    to update and modify the diet plan, by phone, skype or email
  2. online subscription: monthly – six-monthly – annual
    with the subscription you will be able to contact me by phone, skype or email to continue the nutrition intervention. It is the most convenient way to be constantly followed with updates of the dietetic plan, with suggestions, menus, ecc, without the need to set a further appointment
  3. classic subscription – with consultation at the clinic
    periodic appointments at the clinic together with the possibility to contact me by phone, skype or email for additional help, advise and guidance.
  4. single consultation at the clinic, to be set at one of the participating clinics.


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