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Food intake is the conscious selection and consumption of food and beverages. Food choices can influence our body's nutritional status and therefore our health. Correct choices contribute keeping us healthy and active, while wrong choices can go unobserved for a while, but on the long run, they might leave a mark. As an example, if we eat too much and do not burn enough energy, we will tend to store fat – with serious consequences for all organs and systems and not only for our appearance. If we don't eat enough or if we eat an unbalanced diet, we use up all body reserves: mainly fats, but also other reserves, like protein, vitamins and minerals, resulting in impaired defense. The right equilibrium has to be found.

The so called Mediterranean Diet and the official guidelines, based on scientific evidence, are the cornerstone of my nutrition advise: I suggest small changes of food habits, in order to slowly switch to more balanced and healthy habits.

I like cooking and I enjoy eating. I therefore always try to match dietary suggestions with examples of healthy and tasty recipes: eating a healthy diet does not mean eating boring and tasteless dishes! Together with my clients I study the best way to reorganize the meals, to choose the most appropriate dishes and the best cooking methods. All this starting from personal habits, in order to provide ad hoc suggestions.

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