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Weekly Menus

Are you trying to feed your family with healthful meals, but since you work the whole day just boiled potatoes, processed meat and a banana appear on the dinner table? Or maybe you have a lot of spare time, but you prefer to save it for other activities?

If your dream is to always have handy what is needed to fix a healthy dinner, a nutritious break, or a snack to surprise your colleagues at work, but you do not know how to organize all this, I might be able to help you.


Tell me who you are, how your family is made up, who will be home at the various food occasions, your likes and dislikes, if you are vegetarian or omnivore, where do you shop for food, etc. I will suggest a weekly menu (only dinner, lunch and dinner, or the whole day, snacks included, as you prefer). You will receive the menu with related recipes and shopping list. You'll need just to give a look to see what is already available at home, and cancel that from the list. At this point you will be able to proceed with shopping. You'll find suggestions on how to prepare snacks to bring at work, how to get organized for time saving, which food you can freeze for future consumption and which will be spoiled by freezing.

Call or write to have a quote: we will discuss together the problem in order to find the best solution.


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