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Join us for a forest bath and a food workshop. Choose the date and time that are best for you, in the period September 17 – 26, 2021: morning (9 am -3 pm) or afternoon (2 pm -8 pm).

Slots still available on Friday Sept 24th and Saturday 25th.

Nature and green prescriptions – including forest bathing – are studied in many countries as a complementary medicine. To learn more about this approach and to try a session, my colleague Roberta Tundo, dietitian nutritionist and forest bath expert (CSEN Trentino Alto Adige method) will guide you through this activity in a forest rich of biodiversity. The forest is walking distance from my kitchen.

After the experience, we will meet to prepare (and to taste) a healthy and sustainable meal, supporting small producers from the Mugnone Valley, Mugello, and other nearby locations in Tuscany and in other regions.

With this activity, we want to celebrate the #foodheroes, that FAO celebrates on World Food Day – October 16, 2021.

Health in the forest and in the kitchen was developed for the Dietitian’s Week of ASAND (the Scientific Association of food, nutrition and dietetics) and with the patronage of LILT Firenze (the Italian league against cancer, Florence section): fundraising during the event.

We can host only small groups: reservation and green pass are a must!

For information and reservations call me at 349 4049872

Healthy lifestyle - with the help of LILT


If you think that somthing in your lifestyle could be improved, maybe it is the right time for a change.

A healthy lifestyle can help to prevent cancer and other important chronic - degenerative diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases.

If you want to modify some aspects of your lifestyle, you can participate to the meetings organized by LILT Florence (Italian League against Cancer).

  • March 29 Healthy eating
  • April 4 Cigarette smoke and methods to quit smoking
  • April 20 Alcohol and why it is damaging
  • May 2   The benefits of physical activity
  • May 18 Protecting your skin for the damages derived by sun exposure


If you are interested, call LILT at 055 576939 or send an email to

Bagels for breakfast


I baked bagels for a family brunch and it was a great surprise, for all of us. The bagels were easier to prepare than what I thought. And really good, particularly if you eat them right away.

Enjoy with your favorite topping: cream cheese (in moderation), smoked salmon (with its healthful fatty acids), fresh chives, capers, sliced tomatoes...


To learn how, read the section Recipes/Bread & Basic doughs. Good luck!

LILT Firenze Seno - an APP for the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer


Developed by the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer - Florence section, this is the first APP in Italy that talks about breast cancer, with information for everybody but also with personalized advice for each woman.

Information can be found in the attached press release and on the website of LILT Firenze.
The APP "LILT Firenze Seno" can be downloaded for free and is available for iOS and Android systems.
Download it, share it and consult it whenever you have a doubt.

Unfortunately, we have only the italian resease, so far.

A quick and healthful lunch


Looking for a quick and healthful lunch? This is my suggestion: 240 g of beans, two slices of Tuscan bread with sundried tomatoes, 2 TBSP extra virigin olive oil, and two raw carrots. The result? 600 calories, 20 g of protein, 27 g of fiber. A balanced meal, good source of iron (10 mg) and Vitamin A as well. I used canned beans, but if you have time to soak and boil your beans it is even better (especially of you do not put any salt in the water).

Buon appetito!

New veggies in the kitchen


If you, like myself, are tired to always eat the same veggies, I will help you discovering new vegetable types and finding  recipes to prepare them. Below you can find my article for LILT (the Italian League Against Cancer, Florence section), where I describe some root vegetables that we should start using a bit more: red beet, carrots, parsnip, turnip, radish, rutabaga (swede), celery root (celeriac).

There is also a recipe…but if you check the recipe section once in a while, I promise to upload more…

All your recipes will be welcome!!

Be careful about the miraculous ingredient.


Be careful to what the market offers. Not everything that is natural is good! And not everything that we read is true. 

Diseased people are often tempted by miracle cures, hoping that these methods could be more effective then the official medicine. There is fashion also in this field...

This is the case of graviola (anona muricata), a tropical fruit, vaunted as a possible remedy against cancer. 

I talk about this and other vegetables in my column Sano&Buono, in the latest issue of the newsletter of the Italian League for the Fight against Cancer (LILT) in Florence. In these days also the Italian Association for Research on Cancer (IARC) has signaled to pay attention to this fruit. 

Click here to read my article (in italian)

Happy reading!

Healthy Nutrition Day & Corri la Vita


October 13, 2013

In the Giornata della Buona Alimentazione (Healthy Nutrition Day) the ANDID DIETITIANS of Tuscany participate in Corri la Vita.

While walking with us, you will be able to ask for suggestions about healthy food habits and to solve all your doubts on the topic.

Don't miss this opportunity to:

  • learn and discuss with the experts abou food, health, diet and healthy recipes
  • get some physical activity: a non-competitive walk of approximately 5 km, in the beautiful centre of Florence
  • support Corri la Vita: an event finalized to help supporting public institutions in Florence, specialized in the fight against breast cancer

Dove: in Florence. We meet in Piazza San Marco (convent entrance)

Quando: October 13, 2013 at 8.00 AM

What to do in advance: enroll in Corri la Vita, the non agonistic walk (minimum contribution 10 Euro) and show up in time, at the meeting point.

Remember: wear the Corri la Vita t-shirt and the related number. In addition, paste on the t-shirt a sticky label with your name on: it will help us to get to know each other!


See you soon!

Healthy Nutrition Day - October 13, 2013


On October 13, 2013 third edition of the HEALTHY NUTRITION DAY, organized by ANDID, the Italian Association of Dietitians

Stay tuned: I'll soon provide information on the planned activities!!

It could be the right moment to start changing...

What does 200 calories look like


Are you always worried about calories (kcal) and you never grasped the meaning of "energy dense" food? With some beautiful pictures the concept becomes more for example how much celery and how many french fries you can put on your plate for the same amount of 200 kcal.

These beautiful pictures can also help you understanding what to add or delete from you daily menus, to reduce the diet total calories. If we are generous with vegetables (low energy density) we can fill up our stomach with very few calories and then allow ourselves a small porzion of our favourite dishe. Loosing weight does not mean giving up all what we like. Often it is sufficeint to reorganize meals, reducing the quantity and rfrequency of the most energy dense dishes.

Here you can find the pictures.

Click on the pictures to see the volume of the food item on the plate.

CAUTION: the food items shown in the pictures have the same energy value, but very different the nutrient composition: they are not interchangeable!!

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