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If you would like to write a research project, if you have some funds for research in the food sector, if you are looking for advice in the field of nutrition, I can provide my experience for a support in:

  • research planning in the area of food and nutrition;
  • nutrition education projects;
  • development of dietary questionnaires and other research tools;

development and assistance in the use of food composition databases.


  • Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori - Firenze – Collaboration to the project: A LILT APP for cancer prevention – Breast cancer: prevention, screening and assistance
  • Agenzia Regionale di Sanità – Firenze. The recipes for health of the Tuscan Food Pyramid. Evaluation of nutritional value of recipes selected by their territorial typicality.
  • University of Udine - Project for an italian network of bibliographic and analytic data - QUALIFU-SIAGRO - coordinated by CRA-NUT, Roma. Details on NUTRIRETE.lab
  • Development of dietary questionnaires for the European clinical trial DO-HEALTH, Zurich University (Switzerland)
  • International Agency for Research on Cancer - Lione, EU project BBMRI-LPC
  • BDA - Food Composition database for epidemiological studies in Italy
  • OSC-Healthcare, Bologna: development of an instrument for nutritional anamnesis, for the Osservatorio Nutrizionale Grana Padano


To request these services and to obtain a quote, please contact me


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